Wednesday, 10 August 2022
Air Filters
Air Filters
The air sucked in the motor system must be filtered properly. Otherwise the engine will be damaged in time. Only air filters manufactured with correct filter paper will ensure the protection of the system without affecting the performance of the motor. We offer a wide range of air filter elements for various applications such as heavy-duty trucks, agricultural, construction, mining equipments and industrial purposes. Among the range
  • Our latest air filters produced using high performance filter media with pleat spacing for improved performance and all its metal parts are electro-plated for optimal corrosion resistance
  • Radial-seal air filters use special medias which are manufactured with pleat lock system that provides evenly spaced pleats for optimum air flow and dirt holding capacity
Furthermore upon your request we are ready to design and manufacture other filters according to our customers demand under the Quality System Assurance Certificate of ISO 9001.