Sunday, 25 September 2022
Bag (Pocket) Filters
Bag FiltersOur extensive capabilities and numerous process technologies enable us to manufacture pocket filters to meet the requirements of the synthetic ashrae market. The media used in the manufacture of AK-FIL pocket filters, is a product of 4 layers designed to meet the various EN 779 (F5 to F9) standards. The media consists of one layer of spunbond on each side for strength and stability, one coarse fiber meltblown layer for filtration of larger particles and one fine meltblown layer for filtration of finer particles.The gradient density meltblown design allows for optimal filtration performance with maximum filter life.The header could be manufactured from plastic,aluminum, anodized metal frame.The pockets are manufactured in conical shape with an automatic filter bag sewing M/C which is equipped with continuous adjustable stitch loosening device.