Wednesday, 10 August 2022
Industrial Filters
Industrial FiltersThe products that we manufacture and market for industrial plants which constitute an important part of our production range can be summarized as follows: Hydraulic system filters that are used in ventilation systems, in compressor systems, dust collection and removal. Turbine filters associated with natural gas co-generation plants are also included in our production program.

Gas Turbine and Co-Generation Applications
Our firm has been manufacturing filter elements for Gas turbine and Co-generation applications . Our product range begins from pre filters to final filters. More...
Dust Collector Filtering Elements
Filter elements functioning as dust  collectors manufactured with %100 polyester media    (hydrophobic and oleophobic) are also included in our manufacturing More...
Separator Filter Elements
Another product family of our manufacturing program are the separator filters. With our several years of experience in the production of separators we are able to offer a comprehensive separator More...
Microglass Hydraulic Filters
All hydraulic filtration systems are engineered to meet customer demand.With our extensive line of hydraulic filters we are able to offer solutions to a large customer base. More...